Diploma in Software Engineering

About the course

The Department of Computing & Information Systems is in the view that introducing a Higher Diploma in Software Engineering adhering to the latest SLQF standards would open a progressive educational avenue to address such educational needs, while providing an opportunity to advance the academic qualifications already provided by other related diploma programmes of the University. The Department is also in the process of developing an external degree programme progressively, to provide completeness to the external academic qualification path as well as to provide comprehensive graduate level education to the suitable general public at a reasonable cost.

The course ensures that participants will have comprehensive skills in systematic designing and development of software applications. Essential skills and techniques are taught and practiced to perfection in a creative atmosphere with a strong emphasis on Software Engineering concepts.

Prerequisites for Prospective Students

  • Achieved the SLQF Level 2 (i.e.: Passed in G.C.E. (Advanced Level) in any Stream in a single attempt)  or NVQ Level 4 AND,
  • Passed the Diploma level of the same programme (DSE/DSAD) or any similar Diploma programme (equivalent to SLQF Level 3 or NVQ Level 5) acceptable to the Board of Study and the Senate of WUSL for the Higher Diploma level OR,
  • Any other qualification not listed above, but may be considered case by case and acceptable to the Board of Study of the HDSE and the Senate of WUSL for both the Diploma and Higher Diploma levels
Higher Diploma in Software Engineering

Course Content

book, glasses, read
> Software Engineering Theories and Practices
> Advanced Database Management
> Database Management Systems Development
> Object Oriented Programming
> Web Development Techniques
> Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms
> Data Structures and Algorithms Practices
> E-Commerce
> Report Writing Skills
> Probability and Statistics for Computing
> Computer Project


One year (Week-ends on Saturday or Sunday)